Hello book lovers 🙋

My name is Naja and I'm a book lover and the founder of Fictional Boutique. Lately, a lot of you have shown interest in promoting my bookish shop, and as much as I would love to send each one of you a free rep package that is, unfortunately, not possible. That is why I decided to create an exclusive brand ambassador group to give more of you a chance to represent my business.

By becoming an ambassador you need to have an active bookstagram account and in case you don't have any of my products yet that is not a problem! 😊 As a member of this group you will receive an exclusive one time 20% off coupon code for your personal use only, a 15% off coupon code for any other orders you might want to place in my shop, early access to new releases and a chance to win my products in giveaways that will be hosted exclusively in this group. You will also receive a personalized coupon code to share with your followers and by sharing the coupon code you will have access to our brand ambassador gift commission program. And best of all, you get to meet many new bookish friends! 🥰

If this sounds like your cup of tea make sure to click the button below and apply! 😊

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