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My name is Naja and I'm the founder of Fictional Boutique.


I get inspired to create new bookish products from reading a lot and spending waaaay too much time on Bookstagram! :) Besided reading I also love cuddling with my cute cat Oliver and sweet little Chihuahua Felix! ❤️


It all started back in 2017 when I joined
Bookstagram community. Back then I was still living in a student dormitory with a limited space and I still remember when I was creating my first bookmark designs in my tiny dorm room. A year and a half later we added hand made palm wax candles to the store and cute padded book sleeves. Two and a half years later this webiste was launched.

A lot of work goes behind every carefully made candle, bookmark, book sleeve, etc. And I'm really grateful to be able to do this. We are currently a team of three people, one cat and one dog :)


My mom makes all the lovely book sleeves and pencil cases, my boyfriend a.k.a. The Starman @fortunejars obviously makes the stars but he also helps me with making the packages and stickers. Oliver The Cat helps with candle scents and he always makes sure the boxes that we get our envelopes, scents and wax in are safe for us to open by sniffing and sitting on them. Our barking colleague Felix is also helping us a lot, every time we cut bookmarks or any kind of paper he makes sure to clean the floor by chewing on the paper and eating other stuff from the floor. Our working space could never be this clean without him haha :)


Joke aside I'm really thankful and grateful for each one of you, helping me live my dream and happy life! ❤️


Big thank you goes also to all my current and previous reps for helping me spread the word about my shop and taking awesome photos ❤️





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